The E.C.A. Committee Structure

The E.C.A. Committee Structure

Members of Extra-curricular Activities Committee



Subjects Taught

Activities in-charge

Mr. CHIU Siu Leong

E.C.A. Head Master

Maths, Computer LIteracy, Physical Education

Student Association, Boys Volleyball Team

Mr. CHAN Yu Mong

Assistant Master

Chinese, Chinese Literature

Chinese Calligraphy Club

Miss WONG Kit Chuen

Chief Coordinator of House Activities

Chinese, Physical Education

Various School Sports Teams

Miss Wong Tsz Yin

Coordinator of Club Activities

History, Liberal Studies

House Warden of Purple House

Miss Fong Sau Ching

Coordinator of Club Activities

English, English Language Arts

Social Service Group

Miss Chan Ka Wa

Coordinator of Club Activities

Chinese, Putonghua

National & International Culture Club

Introduction of the E.C.A. Committee

1. Purpose of organizing extra-curricular activities in school

1.1 "Extra-curricular Activities" ( ECA ) includes all non-classroom teaching activities not held within the normal lessons.

1.2 After-lesson time should be fully-utilized to help the students to have a balance whole person development.

1.3 Successful organization of and meaningful participation in extra-curricular activities plays an essential role in carrying out the school's objectives of helping students to develop in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and artistic domains.

1.4 Extra-curricular activities are to be arranged for the benefit of students, not for the interests of the organizers. ( i.e. for the students, of the students and by the students.)

1.5 When extra-curricular activities are effectively organized, they can be a good aid in carrying out Civic Education through the cultivation of the sense of spontaneity, self-discipline and self-help.

2. Extra-curricular Activities Committee

2.1 Aims

a) To make sure extra-curricular activities are for the good of students and that students do enjoy and benefit from their participation.

b) To make sure that the organization of extra-curricular activities are in line with the school's overall directions of development.

2.2 Duties

a) To promote extra-curricular activities in order to help the development of students in the six domains of education advocated by the school ( see 1.3 )

b) To arrange and regulate large-scale activities in the school.

c) To supervise and support Houses/Clubs by:

1. providing guidance and help to House wardens and Club advisers in the setting of goals, planning of activities and training of committee members.

2. holding constant meetings with House wardens and Club advisers.

3. helping in club finance by keeping records of Houses/ Clubs' budgets and financial reports, and also seeking appropriate financial support.

d) To promote sense of belonging to school through extra-curricular activities.

e) To promote and organize leadership training for students.

f) To organize activities at school level:

1. School Picnic

2. Post-examination Activity Days

3. Activities during Summer Vacation

4. Other outdoor activities helpful to students

2.3 Supervision of Extra-curricular Activities

The ECA Committee is responsible for supervising and regulating the arrangement of activities held by the various working units in the school so as to:

a) make sure that the organization of extra-curricular activities is in line with the school's overall direction of development;

b) avoid extra-curricular activities from clashing with other school functions ( staff meeting, test and examination); and

c) achieve a balance between extra-curricular activities of different nature.


3. Procedures for the arrangement of activities

3.1 All organizers of large-scale activities must submit relevant information about the nature, time, place and preparatory work ( e.g. use of particular places for rehearsals ) of their activities to the ECA Committee within a stated period of time in advance.

( " large-scale activities" refer to activities with expected participants more than 50, including spectators )

The ECA Committee will make appropriate approval/disapproval/ amendment according to the following set of criteria ( listed in descending order of priority ).

whether the activity :

- is complementary to or in clash with other functions in the school;

- is complementary to or in clash with outside school participates;

- is organized for the first time;

- is submitted before other activities.

3.2 In case of any unexpected clashes among activities or with other school functions, the ECA Committee's decision would be final and should be respected and followed.


4. Student Association (SA)

4.1 The Advisers should encourage the students to organize the activities by themselves.

4.2 The SA provides students opportunitiies to enhance their self-governing ability, independent thinking and leadership.

4.3 The SA is a students' organization to promote the co-operative spirit and the sense of belonging among all the students.


5. The House System

5.1 The House System is a vertical structure to promote the co-operative spirit among the students of different forms and classes.

5.2 It is a competition unit in our school. The House Wardens and Advisors have to encourage the house members to participate various competitions held by school, e.g. the Athletic Meet, Variety Show, General Knowledge Quiz etc.

5.3 The House System provides opportunities for the teaching staff to share their experience, exchange ideas and to work together.