School Objectives

Main Objectives

The school is committed to developing students as confident, caring and creative individuals with the ability to think independently, to acquire skills in problem-solving, to make educated decisions in step with their respective intellectual levels and, at the same time, possessing the capacity to appreciate artistic expressions and to participate in the cultural life of the community thereby enriching their own lives.

With a view to the above, we see the following as our main objectives:

  1. To improve students' standards of Chinese, English, and Mathematics.
  2. To increase our students' exposure to the greater world outside through participation in extra-curricular activities and contact with the multi-faceted cultural life of Hong Kong.
  3. To maintain students' interest in learning by the adoption of diverse teaching methods and skills, and to build up their learning independence.
  4. To build up in the students' a strong moral basis well-grounded in the belief that it is within their power to bring beauty and goodness to the world, accepting the strengths and limitations of themselves and others, and concerning themselves for the welfare of the community, the country and the world at large.
Major Concerns
  1. To enhance learning and teaching effectiveness and to improve students' academic performance.
  2. To optimize our Curriculum structure.
  3. To strengthen the whole-person developmental support for students.