IMC Members

 Category of Manager
 Name of Manager
 Honorary Supervisor Wai Ho Man Herman
 Supervisor Katherine Ma
 Sponsoring Body Manager Tseng Hing Wun Wendy
 Sponsoring Body Manager Chu Lawrence Sheng Yu
 Sponsoring Body Manager Wong Tze Fung
 Sponsoring Body Manager Chan Siu Kan
 Sponsoring Body Manager Choi Chi Chiu Hubert
 Sponsoring Body Manager Chung Ka Ming Kamins
 Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager Su Yau On Albert
 Principal (Ex-Officio Manager) Lam Chi Ming
 Independent Manager Lo Chor Cheong Colin
 Teacher Manager Wan Kwok Wing
 Alternate Teacher Manager Kuo Ching Kam
 Parent Manager Ting Kwai Fan
 Alternate Parent Manager Li Yim Fon
 Alumni Manager Cheng Ka Po